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Basingstoke Half Marathon Route

The course for the Basingstoke Half Marathon is a challenging but exhilarating and rewarding one, incorporating some some legendary hills near Cliddesden and Farleigh Wallop, beautiful countryside and quaint villages.

You will be able to take in fantastic views of some of Hampshire’s picturesque landscape and have a bird’s eye view of Basingstoke.

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Enter the 2024 Basingstoke Half Marathon / 10k

The Half Marathon and 10k start on land next to the Crossborough Hill car park in Basingstoke. While the road race starts in the town, most of the route is on traffic-free minor roads through undulating countryside. Subject to the usual road closure approvals, all roads on the route will be closed for the duration of the event on race day.

In 2023 the race will be run in the usual direction (as in 2011-17), and will take place in parallel to the 10k race. The start and finish will be at Crossborough Hill starting at 11am.

The Half Marathon race course heads out of town on closed roads towards the village of Cliddesden. You will pass the Jolly Farmer pub, then turn left by the village pond to head up towards Cliddesden School.

You enter the village of Ellisfield at mile 4, then turn left towards the church, then right down College Lane with a lovely gentle downhill to mile 6.

Turn right and right again before you climb back up past The Fox Inn returning to Ellisfield, then take a left towards Farleigh Wallop.

Between miles 8 and 9 there is the legendary ‘Big Dipper’ as affectionately named by local runners, (actually its proper name is ‘Bedlam Bottom’) where the road drops by 100 feet then regains it almost immediately.

Then follow the tree-lined Avenue to mile 9, and from here it is more or less downhill to the finish.

Once you reach the crossroads you will turn right downhill with some fabulous views across the countryside with Basingstoke in the distance.

Back through Cliddesden and towards town, taking a right by the Holiday Inn to return to War Memorial Park. Here there is a slight loop as you cover the last section on grass in the park and head to the finish line at Crossborough Hill.

If you decide to run the route ahead of the race, please remember that the roads will be open, and the B4036 in particular is very busy.

We recommend that you train on other hills – there are plenty of them around! If you do so it is entirely at your own risk. The route is open to all traffic and due care is required. You will not be participating in any event organised by Destination Basingstoke L

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