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Road Closures for Phillips Law Basingstoke Half Marathon and 10k

The highways authorities, in consultation with the police have agreed road closures for the whole of the route to secure the safety of all runners and other road users. This page lists the roads affected, estimated times for closures and gives suggestions for diversions.
Safety is paramount but this does mean some inconvenience for residents and through traffic in the area. We work with all the appropriate agencies to minimise disruption, and diversions and closures will be signed in advance of the closures as well as on the day.

Although the race starts at 11am, the road closures will come into force from 9.30am as it takes time to set them up.

Where at all possible, access to houses will be maintained for as long as possible, but we ask that you co-operate with marshals and the traffic management teams that are installing the closures – this is for the safety of all. 

Thank you!

Enter the 2024 Basingstoke Half Marathon / 10k

Roads Affected

Approximate timings for each area are explained below, and roads will be re-opened as soon as possible, please be aware that there could be delays outside of these estimated times, and the road closure order will be in place for the whole period.

  1. Closure of Grove Road between Venture Roundabout and junction with Whistler Close, estimated between 9.30am and 2.45pm.
  2. Closure of A339/Hackwood Road both directions from Venture roundabout to junction with Farleigh Road (B3046). It is estimated this closure will be from 10am until 2.30pm. Access will remain only from Poynings Crescent and the Holiday Inn northbound, and for emergency vehicles. Diversion route for the A339 will be Tunworth Road and Huish Lane to Old Basing and the A30.
  3. Closure of Farleigh Road (B3046) in both directions from junction with A339 to junction with Grammarsham Lane at Farleigh Wallop between approximately 10am and 2.30pm.
  4. Closure in both directions of Church Lane/Hackwood Lane/Northgate Lane between Cliddesden village and Ellisfield (junction with Grammarsham Lane) estimated between 10am and 2.30pm.
  5. Closure of Woods Lane – 10am to 2.30pm (access only)
  6. Closure in both directions of Church Lane in Ellisfield up to junction with Green Lane Ellisfield, estimated between 10am and 2pm.
  7. Closure of Church Lane Ellisfield from junction with Green Lane to junction with College Lane at Wildmoor Farm estimated between 10am and 2pm.
  8. Closure of College Lane between junction with Church Lane at Wildmoor Farm and junction with Berrydown Lane estimated between 10am and 2pm.
  9. Closure of Berrydown Lane between junction with College Lane and junction with Green Lane estimated between 10 and 2pm
  10. Closure of Green Lane between junction with Berrydown Road and Church Lane, Ellisfield estimated between 10 and 2pm.
  11. Closure of Grammarsham Lane/The Avenue between Ellisfield and the junction with Farleigh Road (B3046) between 10am and 2pm.

Diversions & Alternative Routes


Access to or from Alton (A339)

The A339 is closed between the Holiday Inn and the turning to Tunworth from 10am until 2.30pm.

Traffic approaching Basingstoke from Alton will be diverted on to the B3349 via Odiham to join the A30 or M3 at Hook, these are the only routes accessible for HGVs.

Lighter traffic can use the A339 as normal between Alton and the junction with Tunworth Lane (just before the road goes under the M3, before you reach The Holiday Inn) as you approach Basingstoke. To access Basingstoke, you will be diverted to turn right along Tunworth Lane, then take first left down Huish Lane to get to the A30 in Old Basing (near Olivers Fish & Chip shop) turn left at the traffic lights, it will add around 1.5 miles or 5-10 minutes to your journey.

If you are travelling from Basingstoke to Alton, take the A30 east towards Old Basing and turn right at the traffic lights near Oliver’s Fish & Chip Shop to follow the diversion, you will be directed right at the T junction, you will then emerge on to A339 beyond the road closure.

Black Dam and Grove Road Area

Access in and out of the Black Dam area from Black Dam Way will be unaffected all day. However, Grove Road – between the junction with Whistler Close and the Venture roundabout – will be closed most of the day. This means access in and out of houses served by this part of Grove Road will be controlled by marshals and they will assist any vehicles to exit the area onto Black Dam Way.There can be no access from Grove Road (east) on to the Venture roundabout throughout the race (approx. 10am to 2.30pm).

Cliddesden/Ellisfield and Farleigh Wallop

The B3046 (Farleigh Road) will be closed between its junction with the A339 (just south of Basingstoke) and the top of Farleigh Hill (the crossroads) in both directions, as will Woods Lane, between around 10am and 2pm, as this road is used on the outward and homeward parts of the race course. Access for those needing reach houses and businesses in this area will be maintained but under the direction of marshals so please be patient, particularly in the village of Cliddesden as it tends to get very busy outside The Jolly Farmers pub, and if you do have to use the closed road for access, please drive very slowly. No through traffic will be allowed, diversion signs will be in place.

Closures along The Avenue at Farleigh Wallop, Grammersham Lane, Green Lane, Berrydown Lane, College Lane, Northgate Lane, Church Lane (from Cliddesden School and church), all have ‘rolling closures’ this means that the road will open as soon as possible after all the runners have past through. Again the closures will be put in place from around 10am and marshals will be there to help your safe passage in or out of the area if access/egress is needed.

Station Road and other lanes leading from the closure area back on to the A339 are unaffected and may be used as diversion routes. Traffic approaching the closure area along Bagmore Lane from/to the A339 will be diverted to avoid the closure of Bagmore Lane between the junction with College Lane and Green Lane.

Poynings Crescent/Holiday Inn/Co-op

Access out of Poynings Crescent will be northbound only (towards Basingstoke) throughout the race and will be managed by marshals, please be careful as there will be runners and spectators in this area so travel extremely slowly. Access on to Grove Road (west towards Viables & QMC) is unaffected all day. Holiday Inn customers are encouraged to use the car park access on Grove Road (by Texaco/Co-op). Hackwood Road northbound between Venure and Hackwood roundabouts is unaffected.



The race starts at 11am and we will aim to be prompt but all timings are approximate and may be subject to change.

A full traffic management plan has been commissioned for the event and will be implemented by the AA, giving advanced warning of closures The highways authorities have been fully consulted on the development of this plan. Local media will be kept informed and The Breeze will give regular traffic reports on the day.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Enter the 2024 Basingstoke Half Marathon / 10k

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