Terms and Conditions of Ambassador Community Membership

“DB” refers to Destination Basingstoke
“Ambassador Community Members” refer to individuals or companies who have purchased a membership product from Destination Basingstoke.

Purchase of Ambassador Community Membership from DB is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable between companies.

  1. DB reserves the right without liability/reference to any members or other third party to;
    a) vary the benefits available to community memberships
    b) vary these terms and conditions
    c) vary the number and types of events within the events programme
  2. The DB Ambassador Community events calendar is subject to change without notice.  Places at events are limited to one representative from the member organisation.  Tickets for member guests will be charged at £14 + VAT.  For non-members the charge per ticket is £20 + VAT. 
  3. Any content submitted by a member company for the Ambassador e-newsletter, blog and podcast is subject to approval by the DB Team. The DB team reserves the right without explanation to reject the submission if deemed inappropriate for any reason.
  4. All membership benefits detailed in marketing materials were correct at the time of going to print but are subject to change. Any requests to view the most up to date list of community membership benefits should be made to the Destination Basingstoke Ambassador Community Membership department, Destination Basingstoke, Grove House, Lutyens Close, Basingstoke RG24 8AG
  5. DB has no liability for any inaccuracies contained within the online directory or on the DB Ambassador Community page on the website.
  6. Any content submitted to DB for use on the DB website, social media platforms and e newsletter is subject to editing by the DB Team.
  7. DB reserves the right to reject any content submitted by an Ambassador Community member if deemed inappropriate or a conflict of interest.
  8. The DB Ambassador Community membership start date is the first day of the month in which the membership is paid for. For example, if you paid for your membership on March 31, then your membership start date would be March 1.
  9. The membership end date is the last day of the twelfth month of your membership.
  10. Membership number operates on a one number per organisation basis and sharing a membership number between organisations is strictly prohibited.
  11. Any organisation found to be sharing a membership number will have their membership suspended and be required to pay full non-member prices to attend events.
  12. Members are not permitted to purchase event tickets on behalf of non-members and any suspicion of touting tickets in this way will be subject to a full investigation.
  13. The option of exhibition space offered to Ambassador Community Members as part of their membership is subject to availability.
  14. The option of buying discounted tickets to Ambassador events is subject to availability.
  15. Any event cancellations for paid events must be received at least 30 days in advance of the event. Any event cancellations within 30 days of the event are non-refundable.
  16. Any event cancellations for complimentary events must be received at least seven days before the event. Any event cancellations less than seven days before the event (including no-shows) will be subject to a £10 administrative charge.
  17. If Member monthly competitions are run, winners will be selected at random on the first working day of the next calendar month the competition runs in.
  18. Availability of sponsorship or advertising packages for Awards and Events is subject to availability and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Liability of Members

1.1 The liability of each Member is limited to £10, being the amount that each Member undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Ambassador Community in the event of it being wound up while it is a Member or within one year after it ceases to be a Member, for:

1.1.1 payment of the Ambassador Community debts and liabilities contracted before it ceases to be a Member;

1.1.2 payment of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up; and

1.1.3 adjustment of the rights of the Members amongst themselves

Qualification of Members

2.1 The Members of the Ambassador Community shall be persons/companies or organisations with an interest in supporting the goals and objectives of the Destination Basingstoke Ambassador Community.

2.2 Where an incorporated body is admitted as a Member of the Ambassador Community this shall not imply that all members of that body are ipso facto entitled to attend meetings of the Ambassador Community and  benefit from the services which the Community offers.  A representative should be attending.

Admission of Members

3.1 Every person that wishes to become an Ambassador Community Member shall deliver to Destination Basingstoke a duly executed application for membership in such form as DB may require.

3.2 Applicants shall undertake to be bound, if accepted, by the articles of the DB Ambassador Community membership.

3.3 DB shall be empowered to accept, defer or decline applications on a Board majority vote.

3.4 Acceptance of an application, together with payment of the annual subscription, shall constitute membership.

3.5 A full list of Members is kept and may be inspected by any Member at the registered office of Destination Basingstoke.


4.1 The annual subscription payable by DB Ambassador Community Members shall be such sum as may, from time to time, be determined by the Board of Destination Basingstoke.

4.2 The annual subscription shall become due in advance on the anniversary of the month in which the Ambassador Community Member’s application for membership was accepted or previously renewed, or such other date as the Board may from time to time determine.

Non-Payment of Subscriptions

5.1 No Ambassador Community Member whose subscription remains unpaid for more than one month after it has become due shall be entitled to exercise any of the rights of membership of the Ambassador Community.

5.2 Unless the Board of DB otherwise decides, providing that at least one month’s written notice has been given to the Ambassador Community Member concerned, any Member whose subscription remains unpaid for more than one month after it has become due shall ipso facto cease to be an Ambassador Community Member and its name shall be struck off the register of Community Members.

Retirement of Members

6.1 Any Member wishing to retire from the DB Ambassador Community must give written notice to that effect to DB at least one calendar month before the date on which its subscription shall next be due.

6.2 Failure to give such notice will render an Ambassador Community Member liable for payment of the subscription for the year following such date.

Expulsion of Members

7.1 The DB Board may require an Ambassador Community Member to retire from the Ambassador Community:

7.1.1 Where in the opinion of the Board it is undesirable for the Community Member to continue as a Member of the Ambassador Community; and

7.1.2 75% of the DB Board Members pass a resolution to that effect (“Expulsion Resolution”).

7.2 Such an Ambassador Community Member is entitled to seven days’ notice of the time at which the question of expulsion will be considered by the DB Board. The Board is entitled to suspend the membership of such an Ambassador Community Member during the seven-day period.

7.3 The Ambassador Community Member has the right during the seven-day period to make a written representation against expulsion to the Board.

7.4 On service of a copy of the Expulsion Resolution on such an Ambassador Community Member, it shall cease to be a Member and all rights of the Member in relation to the Ambassador Community shall end.

7.5 An expelled member is entitled to make a written appeal to the Board within 28 days of the date of service on it of the Expulsion Resolution. The Board will consider the written appeal at the next meeting of the Board but the expelled member is not entitled to be present at the deliberations at that meeting.

7.6 The Board will decide after considering the written appeal whether or not the expulsion will stand, and the decision of the Board will be final.