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Businesses and other organisations sponsor Destination Basingstoke and our projects for many reasons. For some it is about putting their name on a successful project that they would like to be associated with, for others it’s about doing their bit to ensure the town continues to attract quality staff and customers. For others it’s simply an effective branding opportunity.

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Our Sponsors

Destination Basingstoke also has a committed set of core sponsors that help fund our staffing costs to allow us to develop projects – including this web site. Our core sponsors form our non-executive board and play a key role in the direction of the company and type of projects.
Sponsorship can take many forms – it can be supplying goods or services that we need free of charge, or more usually financial commitment – the value of sponsorship packages vary widely. However you show your support, we will make sure you get your value out of your investment, with promotional opportunities, acknowledgements – please talk to us and we can put together a package to suit your needs.
Have a look at our brochure reviewing highlights from the last 10 years


Contact us today to find out more about becoming Sponsor. Call us on 01256 338415 or complete the form below.