To register your interest in sponsoring a roundabout, please complete the form below - there is no committment or obligation at this stage. We will then be in touch to discuss availability and help you through the next steps.

To make your enquiry fill in the form below. It may be helpful to read through the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page to ensure you understand what is involved.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to commit to?

The term is for a minimum of two years, although longer contracts can be negotiated.


What does roundabout sponsorship involve?

Sponsoring a roundabout means you pay to have one or more signs, displaying your logo, erected on a local roundabout. The sign/s will be opposite any or all of the entry point/s into the roundabout so it will be visible to anyone approaching  by vehicle.


How much does it cost?

Sponsors pay a fee per sign – the maximum cost is £750 per sign per year, and there can be a sign for each ‘arm’ or entry point to the roundabout. However,  many roundabouts are less than this and there are discounts for anyone purchasing all ‘arms’ or sign sites on the same roundabout. For the first year you also pay £250 towards the cost of each sign.


What can I have on my sponsored roundabout sign?

You can only have your company logo on the sign in a predetermined space – no web site addresses or phone numbers as these can be distracting for drivers.


What happens if my sign get vandalised or damaged?

Your sign will be replaced as soon as possible (usually within 20 days of notification) with no further cost to you.


Who looks after the roundabout?

The council will maintain the roundabout where your signs are located so it should always look presentable. The package does not include any redesigng or bespoke planting on your roundabout, but if you are interested in adding this to your package we can put you in touch with the council to discuss it.


What happens next?

If you decide you would like to sponsor a roundabout then start by selecting the roundabout you would like to sponsor and then complete the inquiry form, if you are interested in more than one or aren’t sure which one would be best, still complete the form and the Destination Basingstoke will be in touch to discuss the details.