Let our experienced official pacers help you make your next Basingstoke Half Marathon your best yet!

Gordon Half Marathon pacer

Gordon Bateman

1.30 pacer


First Half Marathon:2011

Half Marathon PB:1:20

Half Marathons to date: 30

I began running seriously in 2011 and have progressed steadily ever since focusing on speed and distance running, I train with Basingstoke & mid Hants AC. I spend my time competing in various races all over the UK, I’m currently marathon training at the moment. I’m an experienced half marathon distance runner and look forward to pacing for all those keen to achieve that sub 1:30.

Basingstoke Half Marathon is a fantastic well organised event which I look forward to every year. Please come and say hello on the day.

Marc pacer 3

Marc Soane

1.30 pacer

Age: 43


Half marathon PB : 1:21

Marathon PB : 3.02

I am a member of Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC and have been running since 2009. I have competed in a variety of distances from 200m on the track to marathons both on the trails and on the road both in the UK and abroad.  This year I am competing in the Surrey Hills Challenge Trail Half Marathon in September which takes in the highest summit in the South of England  so I have spent quite a lot of time hill training already this year.  I have competed in every Basingstoke Half Marathon since the inaugural race in 2011 and I hope to help as many runners as possible achieve their goal but don’t expect a constant pace. Target pace 6:52mm +/-30secs seems reasonable given the nature of the route.

Favourite Running Quote

… You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.” …

matt pillinger 200

Matt Pillinger

1.45 pacer

Age: 39

First half marathon: 2008 (Reading)

Half Marathon PB:1:29:26 (Gosport 2017)

Full Marathons PB: 3:29:38 (London 2016)

I am a member of OS (Ordnance Survey) Runners and race regularly in distances from 5k to marathon.   I’ve done about 15 half marathons and over that time have seen my time drop from over 2 hours to the current, just under, 90 minutes.

I ran the first Basingstoke half marathon (the hot one) and have been running or supporting the event ever since, it’s a great, scenic course which certainly has some challenging sections, with lots of enthusiastic supporters too.

I’ve done some unofficial pacing for friends in various events and they’ve done pretty well, so now I’m turning ‘professional’ and hoping that my support, encouragement and pacing will provide the 1% extra you need to achieve your goals.   Please come up and say hello as it will be nice to meet you before the start.

I’ll be aiming to run between 7:50 – 8:10 per mile, except on the tough hill from Cliddesden up to Farleigh Wallop and finishing between 1:44:30 & 1:45:00.

Lots of you will also know me as a Basingstoke parkrun regular.





james Baulch pace

James Baulch

1.45 pacer

Age: 45

First Half Marathon: 2011 (Basingstoke)

Half-marathon PB: 1:26 (Basingstoke 2016)

Full Marathon PB: 3:11

My first ever running event was this Basingstoke Half Marathon in 2011 for charity, and since been a pacer twice (only missing 2017 because injury). Have many other passions from cycling, swimming and surfing as well as Ironman, but love hilly trail running and beer stops.

If sub 1:45 is your target, I will do everything to help you achieve with lots of encouragement and progress updates.

Basingstoke half route is a super course as my training ground, and excited to run in reverse. The support locally will be amazing again, hugely appreciated.

See you on the start line and celebrate your finish.


IMG_6870 Nikki Savings

Nikki Savings

2.00 pacer


Half Marathon PB: 1:40 (Reading)

I started running in 2011 after a friend suggested we train for the 1st Basingstoke half marathon together.  I enjoyed the training and race so much that I went onto joining a running club and have taken part in every Basingstoke half marathon since.

I am a member and Coaching Coordinator at Chineham Park Running Club and have volunteered over the last few years leading runners on practise runs around the half marathon course in preparation for race day.

I am a keen marathon and ultra-runner who enjoys nothing more than running and chatting with friends/family and helping others achieve their goals.

I have bags of enthusiasm and will help motivate you along your way to reaching your target this year.

Jo Chamberlain

Jo Chamberlain

2.00 pacer

Age: 37

Half-marathon PB: 1:39

Marathon PB: 3:37 (Manchester)

I’ve been running (Sprinter, Relays & Distance) on and off since I was 12 years old with gaps due to numerous injuries, so in recent years to overcome them have spent time looking into running strength & dynamics as well as getting PT qualified in order to better understand running and my body. Since doing this I have clocked up 5 Marathons and a large number of Half Marathons – I love the Half Marathon Distance!

I am a member and Ladies Captain at Chineham Park Running Club  – I joined the club having moved to Basingstoke from Warwickshire in 2010 and it really has been one of the best things I ever did, I’ve made some wonderful lifelong friends and memories – the running community is a small world and you get to know and recognise so many people as a result.

This will be my second Pacing gig having paced at the Milton Keynes Half earlier this year and there is no greater way in giving back to your sport, by being in the thick of it supporting others achieve their goals. It’s a special feeling seeing that at the finish line but it is them that do the hard work, we just take some of stress away!

I’m not afraid to reign it in or push you more when required but am a friendly chatty person so am excited to be pacing at this year’s race – the more the merrier on the Sub 2 Train!

Basingstoke Half Marathon Pacer Karen Hodkin

Karen Hodkin

2.15 pacer

Age: 48

First half marathon:  Reading in 2009

Half Marathon PB:  1:48

I started running in 2008, when a good friend of mine challenged me to run rather than walk the Race 4 Life that year. She put together a training schedule for me and I successfully followed the plan, completed the race and found that I really loved to run.

I am a member and a coach at a local running club – Sherfield Park Runners & have run every Basingstoke Half Marathon since the first race in 2011. My course PB is 1hr 57mins which I achieved in 2012 and I hope to be able to run each year for as long as possible to maintain my “ever present” status.

I am, also, an “ever present” pacer and I very much look forward to helping fellow runners achieve the finish time of 2hrs 15mins.

Stuart Dewey

Stuart Dewey

2.15 pacer

Age: 44

First half marathon:  Reading

Half Marathon PB:  1:42

I have taken part in every Basingstoke half marathon and it’s without a doubt my favourite I have been a member of a Basingstoke running club for years and I am looking forward to helping you reach your target of a sub 2:15 half marathon

Pachi pacer

Pachi Lopez

2.30 pacer


Half Marathon PB:1:43

I started running in 2011 when we got our dog. I have been running since and after a year running I started my own business as a Running Coach. I have coached many people to run the Basingstoke Half Marathon and have paced some others around the course too.

I have run many half marathons (lost count..) road and trail and the Basingstoke Half Marathon is my favourite road half marathon. I love the scenery and the organisation is amazing. They are a very small team who work very hard to make sure everything is in place for the runners to have a great time.

I am very grateful I can be part of this great event as a pacer this year and will make sure not only that you achieve your goal but that you have a fantastic time running it.

Barry Sherwood

Barry Sherwood

2.30 pacer


First Half Marathon – Sheffield 2008

HM PB – 1h55m

I am a member of Start2Jog running club based in Glossop in Derbyshire, I am currently partaking in a Marathon a month for 2018. I also participate in events from 5k up to Ultra Marathon Distances having completed “The Wall” in 2016 (69 Miles from Carlisle to Gateshead) I have also competed in Triathlon in every distance from Super Sprint up to Ironman

The best thing I like about pacing people is helping them achieve their goals and to bring a bit of laughter into their runs, especially on the hills

I have paced many people at many events in my role as coach of our running club and i’m really looking forward in helping you achieve your goals this year!!