Let our experienced official pacers help you make your next Basingstoke Half Marathon your best yet!

Gordon Half Marathon pacer

Gordon Bateman

1.30 pacer


First Half Marathon:2011

Half Marathon PB:1:20

Half Marathons to date: 30

I began running seriously in 2011 and have progressed steadily ever since focusing on speed and distance running, I train with Basingstoke & mid Hants AC. I spend my time competing in various races all over the UK, I’m currently marathon training at the moment. I’m an experienced half marathon distance runner and look forward to pacing for all those keen to achieve that sub 1:30.

Basingstoke Half Marathon is a fantastic well organised event which I look forward to every year. Please come and say hello on the day.

Graham Hall Pacer

Graham Hall

1.30 pacer

Age: 41

First Half Marathon:2012

Half Marathon PB:1:20

Half Marathons to date: 10

I have been an active member of Basingstoke and Mid Hants since 2012 and have participated in a number of road half marathons and full marathons to date. My first experience of the Basingstoke Half was in 2013 and it is a friendly, well-organised challenging event, with some beautiful scenery. Cheered on by the fantastic local community, it was a great running experience and I was happy to achieve my target sub 1.30 that year – although I was still passed by a number of fancy-dress runners! I hope to help you achieve this sub 1.30 target too, with a pace of 6:52mm +/- 30 secs on this undulating course. Good luck with your training plans and I look forward to meeting you on the start line!

Pete Grigoleit Half Marathon pacer

Peter Grigoleit

1.45 pacer

Age: 52

First half marathon:  1982

Half Marathon PB:  1:25

Half Marathons run to date: 42

I have been running since 1982 and runs with Basingstoke & Mid Hants and Tadley Runners. I am an experienced long-distance runner and spend a lot of my time completing multiple marathons/ultras since 2001.

I enjoy pacing fellow runners to achieve their goals and for the last 3 years I was an official pacer at the London Marathon. This will be my second time pacing at the Basingstoke Half Marathon.


Andy Yule

1.45 pacer

Age: 40

First Half Marathon: 2013

Half-marathon PB: 1:27

Half Marathons to date: 10

I started running in 2013 and have been a member of Hatch Warren Runners since the club started. Since then I’ve run 3 marathons (including London) and around 10 half marathons and lots of shorter races. My first ever running event was Basingstoke Half Marathon in 2013 and this is the race a look forward to the most each year. Last year I used the pacers to help me achieve a sub 1:30 and found it helped to have them around, so this year I was very happy to get the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. A lot of my clubs training runs are on the Basingstoke Half route during the summer months so I know the course well.

Trev Perrett pacer for Half marathon

Trev Perrett

2.00 pacer


First half marathon: 2010

Half Marathon PB:1:31:35

Full Marathons PB: 3:26:01

I am a member of Basingstoke & Mid Hants Athletics Club where I train for both running and triathlon events. I have been training and competing regularly since 2010 and in this time have completed four marathons, a half ironman, Olympic and sprint distance triathlons and numerous half marathons over trail and road.

I have been at the Basingstoke half marathon since the event began, either supporting, racing or pacing, progressing from a 2 hour time to my current PB. I am now delighted  to have been selected as a pacer again and am excited to be helping runners achieve what is a great time on this challenging course.

Good luck with the training and I look forward to seeing you on the start line! If you’ll be joining me be prepared for bad jokes but plenty of encouragement to get  you your time.

Keith Ward

Keith Ward

2.00 pacer

Age: 38

Half-marathon PB: 1:28

I started running since 2007 and quickly got the bug and trained on my own for the first 3 yrs where I ran 2 half marathons and a 10 mile race and a 10k which I enjoyed loads then through a friend I was introduced to a group who went Trail running and this was an eye opener to different running conditions and even though I came back a completely different colour I loved it.

Being in a group helped my running and then I Joined Basingstoke and Mid Hants and through the guys there my running has improved .

I have ran in each of the Basingstoke Half Marathon and last year I Paced my cousin around and really enjoyed it So this year I am looking forward to getting people to there goal time. I train around the Basingstoke half course so know the course well .

One of my strengths is Talking while running I’ve been told this once or twice!

Basingstoke Half Marathon Pacer Karen Hodkin

Karen Hodkin

2.15 pacer

Age: 46

First half marathon:  Reading in 2009

Half Marathon PB:  1:48

I started running in 2008, when a good friend of mine challenged me to run rather than walk the Race 4 Life that year. She put together a training schedule for me and I successfully followed the plan, completed the race and found that I really loved to run. I subsequently completed my first marathon – London in 2011 and I aim nearly half way to my aim of ten marathons before I am 50.

I am a member of a local running club – Chineham Park & have run every Basingstoke Half Marathon since the first race in 2011. My course PB is 1hr 57mins which I achieved in 2012 and I hope to be able to run each year for as long as possible to maintain my “ever present” status.

This will be a third year running I have been asked to pace this race and I very much look forward to helping fellow runners achieve the finish time of 2hrs 15mins.

Stuart Dewey

Stuart Dewey

2.15 pacer

Age: 44

First half marathon:  Reading

Half Marathon PB:  1:42

I have taken part in every Basingstoke half marathon and it’s without a doubt my favourite I have been a member of a Basingstoke running club for years and I am looking forward to helping you reach your target of a sub 2:15 half marathon

Pachi pacer

Pachi Lopez

2.30 pacer


Half Marathon PB:1:43

I started running in 2011 when we got our dog. I have been running since and after a year running I started my own business as a Running Coach. I have coached many people to run the Basingstoke Half Marathon and have paced some others around the course too.

I have run many half marathons (lost count..) road and trail and the Basingstoke Half Marathon is my favourite road half marathon. I love the scenery and the organisation is amazing. They are a very small team who work very hard to make sure everything is in place for the runners to have a great time.

I am very grateful I can be part of this great event as a pacer this year and will make sure not only that you achieve your goal but that you have a fantastic time running it.

Darren Croll Half Marathon pacer

Darren Croll

2.30 pacer


Half-marathon PB:1.23

Half Marathons run to date:22

Full Marathons: PB 3:16

I started running in 2006 with the intention of just running the London Marathon and then stop. But I am hooked and have now gone on to run 33 marathons so far. I am a member of a local running club Chineham Park Running Club and spend a lot of time training on the Basingstoke Half Marathon route. It is a great course and it has challenges but you have a great feeling when you have finished the course. To think how you got up those hills.

What better way it will be to help pace people round to achieve their goals and give back knowledge I have picked up from other runners.