Nominate a recipient for A Place To Be Proud Of Award

The nominations that have the greatest impact on the judges for the award are those that present a very clear case for why a person, organisation or subject of the entry form should win. Short, well written and factual, these entries clearly show the role of the individual, group, or organisation in the Basingstoke and Deane community and the value they add.

Fill in the form below and explain in no more than 1000 words why you think the nominated person/group should win a Place to be Proud of Award. Try and use bullet points if possible and be specific about activities, such as money raised, events, projects completed and people involved/helped. Please also explain what makes them special and how their activities have benefited Basingstoke and Deane.

Proud awards nomination

  • Please give as much detail as possible so we reallty understand why they are deserving - assume we know nothing about it and make sure you do them justice!

Terms and Conditions: Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of entry before proceeding. Closing date is 24 March 2017. You can also download a copy of the nomination form here

A Place to be Proud of Awards

Thanks for your interest in the Place to be Proud of 2017 awards.

Please contact Nina Muir should you have any further queries about the awards at nina.muir@destinationbasingstoke.co.uk