be Inspired Nick with DB teamMeet the Destination Basingstoke Team

Destination Basingstoke has a staff of four - (left to right) Jane Staff, Kathryn Price, Felicity Edwards and Nina Muir - pictured here with Mike Loftus and Nick Hewer from BBC's 'The Apprentice'.

 The company is operated through a non executive board of directors, who all serve Destination Basingstoke on a voluntary basis.

DB Director Steven Connolly photo

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DB Director Rupert Batho
Steven Connolly ChairmanFelicity Edwards
Managing Director
Rupert Batho
Vice Chairman

DB Staff Nina

DB Staff Kathryn


DB Staff Jane

Nina Muir
Project Development Manager
Kathryn Price
Marketing & Events Manager
Jane Staff
Corporate Development Manager

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DB Stakeholder Paul Riddell

Be Inspired Jon Pender

Mark Jones
Paul Riddell
Jon Pender
Company Secretary


DB stakeholder Mike Auger



DB director Jez Quigg

Mike Auger

Andy Dow

Jez Quigg
 DB Director Laura Taylor

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Laura Taylor

Joy Carter
Rob Allen
Russell Denness

Felicity Edwards   Managing Director

Felicity Edwards was appointed as Managing Director of Destination Basingstoke in September 2008. Previous to that she was Development Manager at Hampshire Museums Trust and in this role was seconded to Destination Basingstoke to develop the Perk card scheme. Prior to that, she was town centre manager in Basingstoke 1997 to 2002.

Felicity lives with her husband and two daughters in Chineham, firmly believing – based on her own experience - that Basingstoke is a place that offers a fantastic quality of life for families.

“Destination Basingstoke is living proof of the enthusiasm and commitment of people who live and work here. We all believe it is a great place and want to share that belief with the rest of the world. There’s no need for marketing gloss, we simply want to tell people the truth about the place and they will soon realise that it really is a very good place to be.” 

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Nina Muir    Project Development Manager

Nina joined Destination Basingstoke in September 2008 and has been developing the perk card scheme as well as managing the Place to be Proud of Awards, and working on the Basingstoke Half Marathon among many other things. Nina lives in Basingstoke with her young daughter.

"I was delighted to take up this post at Destination Basingstoke to promote the area.  I have lived in various parts of Basingstoke on and off for over 14 years and love what it has to offer, particularly in terms of accessibility to London, it’s beautiful historic villages and surrounding countryside and great facilities the town has." 

"Being part of the Place to be Proud of Awards this year demonstrated to me how many wonderful people we have here in Basingstoke who give their time and expertise tirelessly to many great causes and activities going on in and around Basingstoke.  I look forward to receiving next year’s nominations in the coming months."

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Kathryn Price          Marketing & Events Manager

Kathryn is a born and bred Basingstoke girl and after moving away to university took up marketing posts in London and then the Midlands. It was with great enthusiasm that she returned to Basingstoke in 2007, after 10 years away, to settle with her young family in Overton.

“I truly believe that Basingstoke is a great place that has a huge amount to offer both residents and businesses, and am delighted to be at the forefront of promoting the area, working for Destination Basingstoke. My role includes working on a number of marketing projects to promote the area and its assets as well as managing the annual Inspire Business Awards. As a business owner myself (working alongside my husband in my ‘spare’ time) I understand the importance of credibility, reputation and promotion to local businesses, and so relish the opportunity to assist businesses through INSPIRE. I thoroughly enjoy my work meeting and working with local businesses in the north Hampshire area and would urge people to get involved and enter the awards.”


Kathryn Price

Jane Staff  Corporate Development Manager

Originally from the north west, Jane moved to Basingstoke 20 years ago and is now a keen advocate of the area . Her role is to work with some of the larger businesses to ensure Destination Basingstoke's work is relevant and is particularly keen to develop the Ambassador programme.

"We are very fortunate to have such a great variety of businesses, both large and small here in our town. Through the various projects and events we organise I am fortunate that I get to work with a large number of them which is fantastic"

As well as working for Destinaton Basingstoke and looking after her family, Jane is a keen runner who has completed the London Marathon, Jurassic Coastal Marathon and the CTS Endurance Marathon to name but a few.


Jane Staff

Steven Connolly  Chairman

Festival Place

Steven has been involved with Destination Basingstoke from the beginning.  As a dominant regional shopping centre, based in the heart of  Basingstoke’s community, Festival Place takes its’ responsibilities towards communicating to the outside world what a great place Basingstoke is to live, work, shop and be entertained in earnest.

‘Half of Festival Place’s customers come from out side of the Basingstoke  We are very proud of the contribution Festival Place makes to the attractiveness of the town for employers, employees and residents in the area.  My role within Festival Place is to ensure we deliver an appealing, unique shopping and leisure experience to all our customers.’

Steven Connolly has been Centre Director for Festival Place since October 2007.  Previously Centre Manager for the Dolphin Centre, Poole, Steven began his career as a Store Manager for W H Smith. 

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Paul Riddell   Stakeholder

Paul is Head of Strategic Communications, AXA Wealth, part of the global AXA Group.

Paul manages the strategic communications for the wealth management arm of AXA UK, which covers six separate businesses, including Architas Multi-Manager, AXA Wealth International, AXA Corporate Investment Services and AXA Elevate.  Paul looks after both external and internal relations, and includes the company's social media, corporate responsibility, corporate sponsorship and events and brand strategies.

‘I live in Hampshire and have worked in Basingstoke for many years and I have always found it a great place to be based.  It is great to work with the team at Destination Basingstoke, who are all passionate about putting Basingstoke firmly on the map and to build its reputation as a great place to live, work and play’.

Mark Jones    Director

Mark has worked at Gazette Newspapers for 12 years. As well as being the editor of The Gazette – the area’s longest-established local newspaper – Mark has been involved in many community initiatives and organisations in the Basingstoke area.

He is vice-chairman of Destination Basingstoke, one of the founding members of the A Place to be Proud of Awards, and a member of the Stand Up 4 'Stoke Basingstoke RFC fundraising appeal.

Under Mark’s editorship, The Gazette and its sister free newspaper The Basingstoke Extra have championed the many positive aspects of life in Basingstoke through the “Basingstoke – A Place To Be Proud Of” campaign which he launched in The Gazette in September 2003.

"Basingstoke is a place to be proud of. It's a great town and borough which offers something for everyone whether you live, work or just visit here. As the editor of The Gazette, which has been serving the Basingstoke community since 1878, I am delighted to support, and be involved in, Destination Basingstoke's campaign to spread the word about why Basingstoke has got so much going for for it, and why it's the place to be." 

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Thom Thorp  Stakeholder

“With a long history as a major employer in Basingstoke, Lilly continues to support making Basingstoke a thriving community and great place to live. We have been involved with a number of projects with Destination Basingstoke over the last few years and have been impressed with how Destination Basingstoke works to strengthen and improve our community"

said Thom Thorp, Senior Director UK Corporate Affairs for Lilly.

Rupert Batho   Vice Chairman

Originally a 'Basingstoke Boy', Rupert returned to the town in 2006 when he was appointed Managing Director of MEPC's Chineham Park, a commercial development that has 50 companies and 3,000 people working there. As a property developer and manager, the importance of promoting the positive attributes of Basingstoke's people, place and amenities to the wider audience is fully appreciated. Rupert is passionate about supporting Destination Basingstoke so that the features of this dynamic town is known by as wide an audience as possible.

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Rob Allen    Stakeholder

Paul is managing Director of David Wilson Homes (Southern)

Jez Quigg    Director

Jez is an Associate Director with HMT.    Jez has lived in Basingstoke for most of the time since moving here as a child.

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to Destination Basingstoke as the organisation has been very successful in raising both the profile and the image of the town and I hope to be able to help to further this great work.”

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Jonathan Pender     Director & Company Secretary

Jonathan is a partner at Phillips Solicitors who became core sponsors in 2012.

“This is a really important way of showing our practical as well as financial support for Destination Basingstoke and - from a business point of view – ensuring that Phillips is at the centre of decision making”

Mike Auger   Stakeholder

Mike is a director at Muse Developments, the council's development partners for the regeneration of Basing View.

Muse are the council’s development partners for the regeneration of Basing View and therefore have a long term interest in the future of Basingstoke. Becoming part of Destination Basingstoke, an organisation that is actively promoting Basingstoke as a business location, was an obvious next step that fits with our own marketing strategy.”

Joy Carter      Stakeholder

Joy is Vice Chancellor at the University of Winchester.

“Basingstoke is a key part of the catchment of the University of Winchester, and it is very important that we are a part of the Basingstoke community connected to businesses, it is very much in our interests to ensure that Basingstoke is promoted as the vibrant place that it is.”

Russell Denness      Stakeholder

Russell is Managing director of Croudace Homes